Events 2005


2nd April 2005           - Module Day


This was our second module day following on from our initial gathering in November.

There was a good turn out of modules from the group members. The result was total of five standard four foot length modules plus the two return loops. The number of modules combined with our lack of experience assembling the modules and a rather uneven floor in the church meant we were rather slow in getting to a running state. Apologies to those visitors who arrived during the first hour to find us still crawling under the modules.

 Whilst most of the modules are still under development we do do have a couple which are basically complete. One is a simple scenic module with straight though tracks across an embankment with bridges over a river , the second is an industrial complex with a number of automated operation features and a high level track accessed via one of the return loop boards.

Although we had not widely advertised the event (more a play session for the group), we did have a steady trickle of visitors throughout the day.