Whats New?

27th June 2022

Change to front page text & events page.


29th April 2022

Details of overseas event added to homepage


1st March 2022

2022 events added and details of first open day


14th September 2021

Update re Lions event & Open Day


13th February 2021

Cancellation of March Open Day and June Exhibition

Target date for October Open Day Added


26th July 2020

Cancellation of October Open Day


25th April 2020

Cancellation of June Exhibition


11th December 2019

Homepage updated, 2020 events added.

December newsletter added.


13th August 2019

August newsletter added.

Homepage updated


19th June 2019

June newsletter added.

Homepage updated


20th May 2019

Update to exhibition information

May newsletter added plus previous version link added


6th April 2019

Details of exhibits at annual exhibition added

Button / pages for group newsletter added


3rd March 2019

Details of layouts appearing at our March open day


9th December 2018

Details of 2019 events added plus homepage update

21st September 2018

Details of Open Day exhibits added

17th April 2018

Details of exhibition added to homepage and update to links page


2nd December 2017

Dates of 2018 events added and link to North Essex website

20th September 2017

Details of Open Day exhibits added.

26th April 2017

Details of exhibition layouts and trade


19th February 2017

Details of layouts & trade at next open day

link to 'Model Railway Club Directory' added.

1st January 2017

Event dates added


1st October 2016

Details of October open day

17th April 2016

Details of exhibition added

22nd February 2016

Details of exhibits at the March Open Day


6th November 2015

2016 events added.

8th September 2015

Details of open day added.

26th Mar 2015

Details of exhibitors for June exhibition added.

6th Feb 2015

Details of exhibitors for March open day added. Update to links page.


16th November 2014

Events dates for 2015 added

21st September 2014

Updates to module information and Open day exhibits

28th July 2014

Exhibition report / forthcoming exhibition appearances

28th April 2014

Exhibition details / exhibitors added.

23rd February 2014

Updates to group projects.

12th January 2014

dates for 2014 events added.

19th October 2013

Open Day details added

Updates to group projects.

19th May 2013

List of show exhibitors added.

Updates to information about the group projects.

8th April 2013

Update to information about the June exhibition.

Updates to information about the group projects.

13th Febuary 2013

Added - Society second hand shop attending March Open Day

Additional links added plus descriptions

27th January 2013

Updates to information about the group projects.

8th December 2012

Change of day for March 2013 open day, + change of open day venue to the Welcome Hall (opposite St Marys church used for previous open days.

Updates to information about the group projects.

5th November 2012

Dates for 2013 events and updates on the group projects.

4th August 2012

New section added with information about layouts being built by club members.

5th March 2012

2012 exhibition layout list, and group premises news.

14th January 2012

Dates for 2012 events added.

24th July 2011

Report and images of 2011 exhibition added.

23rd January 2011

Details of 2011 events added

18th July 2010

Report for 2010 exhibition added.

11th April 2010

Additional details of 2010 show added.

30st November 2009

Reports for March, June, August and November events added. Website moved to new hosting location.

1st February 2009

Report on the August & November module days added. Updates to; 2009 events, group history & modules pages.

13th July 2008

Report on the June Exhibition added

5th April 2008

Report on March Module added. Update to events info for the 2008 show and to the group history page.

16th December 2007

Report on November module day and 2008 dates added

9th September 2007

Reports on the June exhibition and August module day added

30th August 2007

New modules added

16th April 2007

Report for March module day added

19th January 2007

Module and show dates for 2007 added

27th November 2006

Reports on August & November module days added

1st July 2006

Report on the June exhibition added.

16th April 2006

Report on the April module day added.

Update to events page with exhibition attendees.

8th December 2005

Report on the November module day added.

Section on the Group modules added.

Minor updates to Group History and Welcome pages.

22nd August 2005

Events page updated with links to module day and exhibition reports.

Reports on the 2005 module days and exhibition added.

Whats new link / webpage added.

Last updated date added to front page.

Links page updated with local model shops.

May 2005

Initial webpages created. Sections created; Homepage, The group, Events, Contacts and Links