Felixstowe Area “N” Gauge Group

Peter - I have just looked and see that the club FB page has now got 317 likes. This shows that people are still looking, presumably for any news we may have.

If you need a filler, here’s a photo of the railway worker’s cottages which have passed some of my time. Have I mentioned before that I think Metcalfe models are great?
You can say it as much as you like Alan, but you won’t budge me from Scalescenes ?? … Ed

The Assington Branch
Following on from last month's report a good amount of progress has been made. I must say that modelling a built-up area is a lot harder and more fiddly than wide swathes of countryside.
The low relief bay window semis in the background are laser cut kits from” In the Greenwood” and are easy but time consuming to make. All the parts fit together well (I did use a few words from my RAF days) and I do recommend painting before assembly.
Well, I find it easier. The one standing by itself was my first, not completely successful, attempt and so that is why it is up for sale. Between the semis is a terrace from the same maker.

They were a lot easier. It may not show up in the photo but the lower downstairs windows have net curtains. I had to buy a whole pack of Rizla Thin Blue cigarette papers just to use one sheet. Does anybody roll their own?
I think it will be obvious that the three storey houses & shops are Kestrel cut in half, as are the cottages at the other end of the layout. Well, I had to use what I already have.
The war memorial & garden were bought from a stall when Felixstowe hosted a worldwide event.
It is said that modellers can make use of everything. The surround for the flowering tree in Station Square is actually the top of a Steradent tablet tube!