Felixstowe Area “N” Gauge Group

LNER CLASS 800 Azuma
We have recently purchased both sets of the new LNER class 800 Azuma, so we can run them as a joint 10 set around our layout.
We have been most pleased with the amazing quality that comes as standard with most items from Kato, and these two sets are living up to that.

Many of you may have already seen this model and its GWR sister set, and you’ll agree that these pictures hardly do it justice, as the accuracy to detail is top level.
Each 5-car set runs beautifully around the layout at all speeds, with the nose and tails lights shining bright. It does mention in the paperwork that the set are not designed to travel through ‘S’ bends, but they seem to be ok with the 315mm (12 3/8”) radius ‘S’ bends on the layout without any complaints.

The use of the normal Kato style coupling is very nice too as it allows close connection between the coaches and enough flex around the corners to avoid pinching of the corridors between each car.
The paperwork also shows a simple ‘how-to’ guide for connecting the two sets together; its short of words, but gives clear pictorial steps.BR>

Just pop off the nose and turn off the connecting cab end lights, via the switch under each end, and you have a choice between a short or long connection bar to clip into place so the two sets become one long rack of 10 cars. We have used the long connection bar for this test, but we feel that the short bar will work just as well.
The motors in each set are perfectly balanced, so there is no pushing or dragging from one set or the other as they move with a light ‘hum’ and a ‘swish’ of the wheels around the layout.
The interiors are full detailed, and we are considering buying the lighting units to illuminate the insides.
As I’m sure those of you that already have one of these in either the LNER or GWR liveries would agree, it is well worth the buy to have such a great new train that is currently on the UK rails in mainline service.

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