Felixstowe Area N Gauge Group


Chris - Us 'N Gaugers' & other 'gaugers' will probably buy a reasonable amount of railway goodies online, but it's always great to visit a model shop in person, you can't beat feeling the merchandise!
Whenever I'm in the area, I'll pop into Smith's Model Railways in Sheringham.

As far as N gauge goes, James has a stand with two sides totally dedicated to N gauge, but tells me that he has plans for a new stand of totally N. The shops items have certainly expanded from day one, secondhand items are now available as offerings from most of the main manufacturers. Smith's also operate a loyalty card system where you accrue points on every purchase & once you have so many, you get cash off the next item you buy - a bit like Costa, but obviously much more exciting!

On the weekend of the Mixed Traction Gala on the North Norfolk Railway (Sheringham to Holt, as you'll all know), the star of the show was their class 31 which had returned to traffic that weekend after a good few years of restoration.
James had an N gauge version of the same in stock, so that was collected from the shop after I'd ordered by email a couple of weeks before.

On Gala weekends at the NNR, you'll often find James's parents, Garry & Karen staffing the Smith's stand on Sheringham station platform.
So, if you're in the area, why not have a look in on James & Gemma, you may bring home something you never even knew that you needed!
Their website, which lists new & secondhand items is www.smithsmodelrailways.co.uk
I have no connection with Smith's, just a very satisfied customer.