Felixstowe Area “N” Gauge Group

Well, it's been a busy month!  There's not been much more progress on the shunting layout as all the time has been spent on getting the new layout boards made and up in the N gauge room. This layout is right around the whole room - I've had it in mind for some time, and finally bitten the bullet and gone for it. More details about that in the next newsletter.
No photos on that this time as the place looks like a tip at the moment and the boards need a bit more doing here and there, but in next month’s newsletter, there will be photos. 
I have managed to get the shunting layout under the new layout, and will be making a movable stand to put it on, but more on that next month too.

What we do have a photo of, and it's not much, but very handy - is the radius jigs that I knocked up.
Thanks to the day job, I had some 5.5mm ply kicking around, which was fashioned up into the formers for 20, 15, 13, 12 and 11 inch radius curves.
As you can see from the photo, the top of the jig is the smooth curve side.
I just place the track against it and screw it down with tiny countersunk screws to hold it in place temporarily until it's all in the right place, then glue it. The screws can then come out once it's dry, and the holes get filled when it's ballasted. 
Having a good size board to play with, I need to get the curves correct for my 9F's and a good length train of up to 42 wagons - I run 21 in a normal train length (only because that's how they fit in the foam storage cases, 21 wagons or 7 carriages), but now and again, we all get the urge to run a longer train! Or of course it can get really silly and see how many a Union Mills loco will pull, but then you just run out of wagons...
I digress though, it's always said to make your curves as large and as smooth as you can, given the room, so that's the plan - I'm hoping I'll be able to go for the 20" radius - I'll let you know how I get on!


An as new Fleischmann SBB RE 482 bo-bo electric

And a second-hand Arnold SBB RE 4/4 bo-bo electric