Felixstowe Area N Gauge Group

A short newsletter this month....

This month has been a bit weird with the lockdown ending and some things opening up, but there has still been time for some odd bits more from my huge projects list to be done.
My recent interest in Nm (1 metre or 3 foot gauge) has driven me to get on with a few bits. I have already shown some efforts to make a Swiss Baby Crocodile by using a Z gauge chassis with a Del Prado body fitted to it.
Now, Im having a proper go at making one of the RhBs small Bo-Bo diesels using an old DB body shell, customising it and then mounting it on a Z gauge Bo-Bo chassis. As you can see its still not finished, I think at least two more coats of paint and then decals, before I can put the glass and lights and new grills back in. However, Im in no real rush.

Also, I have converted two pieces of rolling stock: an old flatbed that was sitting in my scrap box and a Hoddytrain boxcar. The Flatbed now has permanent Z gauge bogies fitted, while the Boxcar can swap its chassis between the normal N and new Z gauge, so I can use it on either gauges.

And lastly I have finally finished painting the last 85 figures for my 1930s Tramway layout. Its been a casual project, but one that Im glad is done, so that once I have the street lights and overhead cables fitted, I can then start placing out the 400+ people I have.

Some member's new items this month:

A secondhand Class 37 in the Coal Sector livery.

A new Dapol set of 66002 EWS loco with 6 Megafrets & six 45' Russell containers.

Plus six more new Megafrets and four more containers to fit them.

A secondhand Graham Farish Hall Garth Hall

A secondhand Graham Farish Prairie, professionally repainted into early BR livery and fitted with etched plates, an absolute bargain!